Does Wrapify Actually Make Any Money? Here’s How This Side Hustle Really Works

Apr 23

Hi, I’m Shonnita

I graduated college during the great recession with two degrees. I also had $100,000 in student loan debt, $30000 in consumer debt, $3,000 in medical debt, and a beat-up car that was on its last leg, I quickly realized that if something didn’t change I was going to be in financial shackles forever!

I needed to make drastic changes to my lifestyle.

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So if you’ve tuned in to any of my content before, you already know I’m no stranger to figuring out creative ways to make extra money. So it’s no surprise that an advertising company that says that they will hire delivery drivers to wrap their cars with advertising piqued my interest. What’s that you say? I can double-dip my gig work and potentially maximize my earnings at the same time?! Sign me up ASAP!

After 7 months of doing Wrapify, did I unlock the key to passive income, and did I manage to escape the rat race as we know it? That is what I intend to unpack, in my review of Wrapify.


Wrapify Qualifications


The requirements to be an approved Wrapify driver are quite straightforward. You’ll need to have a car that is 2010 or newer and is free of any major body or paint damage. All drivers must be at least 21 years of age with a valid driver’s license a clean driving record and be able to pass a background check.

Common Question: Can you sign up for Wrapify if you lease a vehicle?

Many people asked if they could be eligible for Wrapify even if they lease their vehicle. The answer is yes, as long as the vehicle is registered under your name and your name is on the lease agreement.

Common Question: “Can I wrap multiple vehicles registered under my name?”

It seems like you’re thinking about wrapping all your cars because you use rental apps like Turo. While this might be a good idea, I must clarify that Wrapify’s contracted campaign drivers are not allowed to wrap multiple cars. Each driver can only wrap one car.

Common Question: “To qualify for a Wrapify campaign, how much damage can a car have on its body?”

Based on my experience with Wrapify, I’ve learned that in order to qualify for a campaign offer, any damage on your car cannot interfere with the wrapped advertisement. But that all depends on the type of wrap coverage you are offered.

During the campaign, you may be offered three types of wrap coverage: full, partial, and light. However, it seems that you won’t have the option to choose which one you get.

After registering as a driver on the Wrapify app and clearing the background check, you’ll need to submit pictures of your vehicle. The Wrapify team will examine the photos and inform you about your eligibility based on the images you provided.

However, that’s only half the battle, after you have driven at least 50 miles while logged into the Wrapify App and received a campaign offer, you’ll then need to schedule an appointment for your car to be wrapped. During the appointment, the wrapping installers will assess your car again to make sure it is eligible for a campaign advertisement wrap.

During my participation, I had a dent on the front of my vehicle. Although it didn’t affect the wrap, I think it’s the reason why I was eligible for both campaigns. The partial wrap I received covered only the sides and back of my car.

Unfortunately, I had some bad luck and ended up with a new dent on my car after I began driving. As a result, the area where the dent was located impacted the wrap. In case you experience a similar situation, don’t forget to send your photos to Wrapify so they can decide whether the wrap needs to be taken off early.


How Wrapify Works


Timeline: How long does it take to get a campaign offer from Wrapify?

  • I sign up for my first campaign with Zoom on October 6, 2021
  • Received an offer by October 15, 2021
  • Background checks and photos were all done on the same day and were all approved on the same day
  • The wrap appointment for the Zoom campaign was scheduled for November 4, 2021
  • The scheduled appointment for the installation process was at 9:30 AM
  • The wrapping location was done wrapping by 2:30 pm (However, be prepared to leave your car there from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM, as there may be other cars ahead of you)
  • The campaign actually started on November 1, 2021
  • The campaign was for five months but it turned out to actually be six months

You cannot request when the wrap is to be removed. You have no control over its removal. Wrapify will inform you when it is permissible to remove the wrap and will send you an invitation to schedule a professional wrap removal. I do not recommend attempting to remove the wrap on your own as it would violate your contractual agreement with Wrapify and can potentially cause severe damage to your car.


What Does a Wrapify Campaign Offer Look Like?


The video campaign on their website may imply that you can select from multiple offers by scrolling through the Wrapify app. However, based on my personal experience and other driver reviews, it’s not the case. You may only receive one offer and you have no control over the type of car wrap you get. Once you’ve agreed to participate in a Wrapify campaign and have selected the wrapping offer, as well as agreed to the terms and conditions of having the wrap installed, you are invited to select a location and time to book your wrapping appointment.

Common Question: “I signed up for Wrapify but didn’t hear back from them, what gives?”

So if you don’t see an offer within 24 hours after having driven the required 50 miles here are some of the possible reasons why you may not have heard back from them (yet):

  • You may not be within the campaign zone they are aiming for. However, this may be a good thing because participating in a campaign outside the zone will not earn you any money since Wrapify only compensates drivers who are within the specific zone.
  • There could be a scenario where you qualified for the campaign, but all the wrapping appointments were fully booked by the time you tried to schedule one. This implies that there is already a sufficient number of drivers on the road for that particular campaign, and unfortunately, you won’t be able to participate.

Common Question: “What are the upfront costs to the driver for participating in a Wrapify campaign?”

Seriously consider the sunk cost and the opportunity costs before accepting a campaign offer through Wrapify.

  1. You will need to cover the cost of transportation to bring your car to the wrap location and back once the wrap is removed. This includes expenses for mileage/gas associated with driving to the location.
  2. You will need to keep your car at the wrapping location for a complete eight hours, which means you won’t be able to use it to earn any money while it’s being wrapped.
  3. If you are unable to wait at the wrapping location until your installation is done, you must arrange for transportation to get back home without your car, as well as transportation to get back to the wrapping location to pick up your car once it’s done.
  4. Car wash expenses are necessary both before and after the installation of your car wrap. Your car must be washed before the wrap is installed and before it is removed. If you arrive for the wrapping service without getting your car washed, and the wrapping company has to wash it for you, you will be charged $50. The wrapping company will inform Wrapify, and they will subtract the fee from your earnings.
  5. To avoid a $150 fine and potential disqualification from future advertising campaigns with Wrapify, reschedule your appointment at least five business days before the appointment date.
  6. If you change your mind about getting the wrap and don’t like the back window covering after arriving, you will be charged $1000.
  7. If you take on gig work that is not within the Wrapify campaign zone, you will not earn any money through Wrapify.


Life While Driving with Wrapify



The first offer that I received was for five months, and by month four I was pretty much over it.

When you drive with Wrapify, it’s important to keep the ad on your car in good condition. This means you should only use touchless car washes, as other types might damage the wrap.


It’s worth noting that you may attract attention from people looking at the ad on your car.

These advertisements are effective in getting people to notice your car. If your car has a wrap and serves as your primary mode of transportation, you will need to adjust to the increased attention it receives.

Remember that when you have the wrap on your car, you’ll be going to various places such as the grocery store, religious locations, dinner with friends, and your regular job. People are likely to ask you questions about the wrap, so be prepared.

Safety Concerns

Wrapify offers perforated back window wraps which have small holes, allowing the driver to see through it. However, the effectiveness of this feature largely depends on the quality of the wrap. While Wrapify claims that only a few of its drivers have complained about it, most drivers in my experience have expressed dissatisfaction with the back window wrap.

If your car does not have a rearview camera, it is not recommended to sign up for this campaign. This is because you may face difficulties with tasks that require access to your back window, such as backing out. A car with a rearview camera is necessary for this campaign. Since the requirement is to have a vehicle from 2010 or later, it’s likely that your car already has this feature installed.

I hope Wrapify addresses and resolves this issue.


When you have your vehicle fully wrapped, the wrapping location will install a small device called a Beacon in your car. This circular device will synchronize with your phone, allowing Wrapify to track your location, movement, and mileage.

Your earnings for driving will only increase when you are actively driving, which means it is not passive income. Passive income would be if you received money for simply having the wrap on your vehicle and could make money even while parked.

According to the agreement, you must keep the wrap on your car 24/7 during the duration of the campaign. This means the company on the wrap is being advertised even when you’re not driving, yet you will only receive payment when the car is in motion.

When participating in a Wrapify campaign, you will be compensated for a maximum of 25-35 miles per day. This is lower than the average daily mileage of a full-time gig work driver who typically drives 80 miles per day. As a part-time Door Dash driver, I usually cover 35-40 miles per day. Beyond the 25-mile mark, you are essentially providing free advertising to Wrapify.

If you’re expecting to receive your payment immediately, Wrapify may not be the best app for you. Unlike DoorDash’s fast pay model that allows you to get paid the same day you complete a delivery, Wrapify has specific rules about when you will receive your payment.

With Wrapify campaigns, you’ll get paid every two weeks. The payment date depends on how well you follow the campaign agreement, specifically if you take your Proof of Performance photos on time. If you forget to take these photos, your payment will be delayed. Wrapify will send you a reminder through the app and email, but you’ll only receive one reminder. So it’s crucial to remember to take the photos to get paid on time.


Taxes and Mileage Deductions


Calculating your mileage

It is recommended to use the current year’s standard mileage rate established by the IRS when calculating deductions. For 2022, the standard mileage rate was approximately $0.58. Wrapify’s payment to its drivers ranges from $0.20 to $0.25 per mile, which is below the IRS’s standard mileage rate.

To determine your cost per mile, simply divide your total expenses by the total number of miles you have traveled.

For example:

On Thursday, June 16th, I drove a total of 34.49 miles.

I received a payment of $8.16 from Wrapify for participating in the campaign that day.

To determine Wrapify’s pay per mile, divide $8.16 by the distance of 34.49 miles.

That amounts to $0.23 per mile.

To calculate my profit for Thursday, June 16th:

I calculated my mileage expenses for the day by multiplying $0.58 by the distance traveled, which was 34.49 miles. The result is $20.17.

After deducting the amount of money that Wrapify paid me on that day from my total expenses, I found myself with a deficit of -$12.00 for that day.

Calculating your mileage is crucial when working with Wrapify because if you earn $600.00 or more, you must declare it as taxable income. Therefore, it’s essential to compute the deductible expenses from your earnings to avoid paying taxes on the full payment you received.

SWARM Campaign Events

As part of their campaign, Wrapify provides a bonus to their drivers known as SWARM. This involves sending a high number of vehicles to a single location simultaneously. Drivers who participate in this event have the chance to earn a fixed amount in addition to their regular daily earnings for participating.

The purpose of the SWARM event is to take pictures of your vehicle with the brand’s wrap, in a busy location that will appeal to the campaign’s target audience. Drivers can earn from $45.00 to $125.00 per hour during the event.

Please note that not all Wrapify campaigns include a SWARM event, and they don’t tell you which campaigns will offer a SWARM event when you sign up. I participated in two Wrapify campaigns over a span of 7 months. The Zoom campaign did not have a SWARM event, but the Paramount campaign had two days dedicated to the SWARM event.

Best advice, act fast – there are only a limited number of spots available for drivers to participate in SWARM events. On the day I signed up, around 8 to 10 cars participated. I attempted to sign up for SWARM events on two different days, but all available slots on the first day it was offered were filled within two seconds. To maximize your earnings with SWARM, try to sign up for as many events as possible. Luckily, there is no limit or penalty for the number of SWARM events you can participate in.

The swarm event involved driving around in a square for two hours. While it was an easy way to earn money, I quickly grew disinterested after the first 15 minutes. Here is what the swarm event looked like – it’s just a square.

Here’s how much Wrapified paid me for 7 months of participating in two campaigns.

The total payout for the Zoom campaign came to $959.51.

The total payout for the Paramount campaign came to $413.37.

But notice I said total payout. Not profit…

According to my calculations, when I accounted for my earnings from the swarm, mileage, and car wash expenses, as well as the fact that I didn’t need to spend any money on ride-sharing services to get to and from the wrapping location, I didn’t earn any profit in the eyes of the IRS. In fact, I ended up with a loss of -$101.09 on the Zoom campaign and -$2,375.04 on the Paramount campaign.

Would I do this again in the future?


I would only consider doing a full wrap through Wrapify because the payout is higher. However, I don’t qualify for a full wrap because of the cosmetic damage on my car. The cost of fixing the dents is higher than the payout I would receive from Wrapify. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense for me to repair my car just to participate in a Wrapify campaign.


Final Statements


Although the pay structure didn’t make sense during my experience, it’s possible that this could be a viable option for supplemental income in other states. Different states may have different campaigns with varying payouts. Overall, I don’t believe this is a bad company. Comparing feedback from its competitors such as Stickr and Carvertise, it appears to be a reputable and good company.

The ideal candidate for this type of side hustle:

This offer is ideal for individuals who drive an average of 25 to 35 miles each day and can take advantage of the promotion without promoting Wrapify for free. It’s essential to track your mileage to determine your driving patterns and the average number of miles you drive per day. This promotional opportunity is also beneficial for individuals living in cities where Wrapify frequently runs offers.

Here are some of my recommendations for Wrapify:


  1. It would be better if Wrapify offered phone service, so its contracted drivers can easily speak with a service agent through a phone call rather than being limited to communicating only through text messages or email via the app. It is not practical to expect drivers who are also doing deliveries to constantly send emails and text messages. Therefore, they should have easy phone call access to a representative from Wrapify.
  2. It would be beneficial for Wrapify to increase its campaign compensation to at least equal the standard mileage rate. The current compensation rate of $0.23 per mile is insufficient. Alternatively, they could provide drivers with a fixed payment if the drivers must keep the wrap on their vehicle at all times.
  3. It would be helpful if there were more wrapping locations that are easily accessible to drivers. Additionally, since the process to wrap the car offers so many inconveniences, Wrapify should cover the entire cost of transportation for the driver. The expense to the driver is more than $25.00 round trip.
  4. The app should clearly indicate if a campaign offer includes SWARM before signing up to provide more transparency.
  5. Address the concerns regarding the back window.

Although there are some areas where Wrapify could improve, it is still worth considering for those looking to make some extra money with a side hustle. With the right combination of location and driving habits, Wrapify may be a possible source of supplemental income for some.

Hi, I’m Shonnita

I graduated college during the great recession with two degrees. I also had $100,000 in student loan debt, $30000 in consumer debt, $3,000 in medical debt, and a beat-up car that was on its last leg, I quickly realized that if something didn’t change I was going to be in financial shackles forever!

I needed to make drastic changes to my lifestyle.

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