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For business inquiries and brand partnerships please send an email to hello@noirincolor.com for access to my media kit.

frequently asked questions

Do you do speaking engagements? 

Yes, twice a year I will commit to a speaking engagement. If you would like to invite me to speak at your event, fill out the contact me form here and we’ll follow up accordingly.

I want to work with you. How can we collaborate?

That’s great! I’m always open to building new relationships. Let me know what you have in mind by completing the contact me form here and we’ll take it from there. Hope to work with you soon!

Do you have any available online courses I could sign up for?

That is in the works. Would you like to be one of the first to be notified and receive a discounted rate once I launch a course? Click here to join the waiting list.

Where did the name Noir in Color come from?

Ah, great question! Originally named Color Me Noir (a play on Color Me Bad from the 80s R&B group), it was later changed to Noir in Color. Representation matters, my content is dedicated to amplifying underrepresented voices. “Noir” to give reference to Black voices. The ideology of this brand began to conceptualize during the George Floyd movement at the height of the pandemic. I felt a strong sense to "create my own thing" and tell my story. Therefore - "I am (Noir) Black (in color) “on screen (video).”